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How to deal with baby cradle cap?


Cradle cap, also referred to as infantile seborrheic dermatitis, is a common and harmless skin condition that can impact infants during their initial months. It manifests as greasy, yellow, or brown scales or crusts on the baby's scalp. Despite its appearance, cradle cap is generally not itchy or painful for the baby and typically resolves on its own within a few weeks to months.

Is Cradle Cap Common?

Cradle cap can occur in other areas with more sebaceous glands, such as the forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, ears, armpits, abdomen and the folds between the thighs. While cradle cap is generally harmless and often resolves on its own, there are several ways to manage and alleviate the symptoms to make your baby more comfortable.

Why does my baby have Cradle Cap?

The appearance of flaky skin on the scalp is not directly linked to eczema or any specific cause. It could be attributed to a rapid metabolism, resulting in the buildup of dead skin cells, leading to the formation of cradle cap.

Parents need not fret too much as this condition is common between three weeks and three months of age, typically resolving by around six months. During this period, parents should handle the situation delicately. Avoid scraping, scratching, or rubbing the baby's scalp haphazardly, as this won't effectively remove the cradle cap. Such actions may harm the baby's sensitive scalp, cause hair pulling, bleeding, or even lead to bacterial infections. Consistent daily care can aid in improving and reducing the cradle cap, preventing excessive itching and skin scratching.

How to deal with Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap does not impact the baby's health and typically does not need specific treatment. Nevertheless, the crust on the scalp may emit an unpleasant odor and affect the baby's appearance. Parents often wish to find ways to remove it. The typical approach involves gently massaging the scalp with BB oil or olive oil to soften the scalp buildup, followed by rinsing and applying moisturizing cream.

It's important to avoid scraping, picking, or scratching the scalp. Even if large flakes have formed, resist the urge to touch them and let them fall off naturally.

However, olive oil has a greasy texture, leaving the scalp oily after application. Some mothers worry that using pure oil may clog pores, so they opt to wash it off with shampoo or warm water multiple times for peace of mind. And yet over-washing can remove the oil, leading to a quick return of the scalp buildup if the skin isn't adequately moisturized.

Are there any products that can both cleanse gently while moisturizing and softening the scalp buildup simultaneously?

Cradle Cap Treatment

Baby Bath Oil - Ms. Chu Soap & Beaut
Baby Bath Oil - Ms. Chu Soap & Beaut
Baby Bath Oil - Ms. Chu Soap & Beaut
Baby Bath Oil - Ms. Chu Soap & Beaut

Baby Bath Oil

Suitable for the whole family; use on face and body, Baby Bath Oil helps soothe itchy skin and moisturises dried skin. 

It's also famous for removing cradle cap to cleanse the area while the skin remains moisturising.

Expiry Date: 12 months.

  • Smooth & Nourishing
  • Non Sticky
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Natural & Organic

One of the best-selling products of MS.CHU’s pure natural and organic baby series is the all-natural Baby Bath oil, which is very suitable for improving BB Cradle Cap problems.

It is a 4 in 1 Bath Oil, it can be used for bathing, showering, shampooing, and conditioner. Mildly cleanses and moisturizes BB's tender skin, moisturizing but not irritating.

MS.CHU all-natural organic Baby Bath Oil is made from pure natural organic materials imported from abroad which contains chamomile essential oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and other natural moisturizing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

It is absolutely mild and non-irritating, leaving your skin clean. , soothes itching while moisturizing the skin, repairing the damaged skin barrier, and has a light natural fresh fragrance after use.

After taking a baby shower/ bath and washing your hair, it is recommended to apply Ms. Chu Organic Baby Lotion immediately to help the skin lock in moisture and make it more hydrated.

 It's great for any skin problems, such as baby eczema, baby bumps, rashes, or healthy skin (all ingredients in the product are natural, organic and drug-free)!