Reward Points

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From Nov 23, 2020, you can start to earn Points whenever you shop at Ms. Chu Soap & Beaut online shop, which means you can enjoy more cash coupons at checkout. So SIGN UP now to become Ms. Chu member and earn your points!


Earn Points:

HK$1 = 10 Points


Redeem Points:

500Points = HK$1



Amy (regular member) spent HK$1,000 in our online shop and earned 10,000Points. On her next purchase, she can choose to redeem from 0 Points (HK$0) to 10,000 Points (HK$20) cash coupons code and apply on the checkout page.


Cindy (VIP member) spent HK$2,800 in our online shop and earned 28,000Points. On her next purchase she is about to spend HK$500, Cindy has 2 options:

A: Choose to use her 10%Off VIP code ($500*0.9=$450)

B: Redeem her available Points for a $56 cash coupon ($500-$56=$444) 

Note: VIP code & cash coupon code cannot be used at the same time.


*Terms & Conditions apply.

*Redeem points cash coupons cannot be shared with other promotion programs.

*Redeem points cash coupons can only be used on regular products.

How to check my reward points

1. To enjoy our reward program, firstly, you have to sign up to become our site member. 


You can sign up using FB, Google account or by email.


2. Click the "Rewards" button at the bottom left of the page.


Reward Points Menu as follow:

to redeem my reward points

1. After spending with reward points, click "Ways to redeem"


2.  Click "Redeem"


3.  You can adjust the amount of Reward Points to redeem, and click "Redeem"


4.  Cash Coupon discount code will be generated, click "Copy code"


5.  Paste the code and checkout.