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Cindy Chu

A chemical engineer specialises in cosmetic science who is passionate about green chemicals (i.e. chemicals that are environmentally friendly) and fanatic about what goes into the products that she uses, eats, and consumes daily.

Graduated from the University of Toronto Applied Science and Chemical Engineering, she has been formulating her own skin care and personal care using naturally derived and environmental friendly ingredients. More and more of her friends and families benefited from the natural skincare regime ever since.

After she gave birth to her baby, who has suffered from eczema, she tried looking for all possible ways to ease her conditions, tried all possible lotions available in the market, follow paediatric’s guidelines but without improvement. Feeling frustrated and desperate, she studied the east and the west medical journals and with her skincare science knowledge, she developed a natural baby balm that can ease baby’s itch immediately, and within 2-3 days at the soonest, eczema subsided and healed.   Here she would like to share all that she has that are made of skin-loving essence drawn out from mother nature.

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